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United Kingdom

We took a few weeks to hop across the pond and check of 6 more countries from our adventure list. We first landed in England. It was only a week after a terrorist attack so everybody was a little nervous to travel there but I was very pleasantly surprised by the city. London was a very beautiful city with loads …

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Write it down

One of the most impact full things I have done over the past few years is to journal about my life…

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5 Equities

When most people think of the term equity they think of finances. Brad take some time to explain other opportunities to create equity in your life. Watch this video to learn more about all the areas of your life that you can create different types of equity for yourself and your family.

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Connection Economy

The factory of the 21st century is our ability to connect users. Business is now happening at the speed of thought. Everyone is connecting through the internet but few are making money from it. Watch Brad’s video on the connection economy to learn more about current trends. If you would like to take a deeper dive into this topic you …

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Disconnection to Freedom

Brad talks about what it takes to stay consistent and achieve something great. There is something called the ecosystem of disconnection that often creeps into your life and creates separation between you and what your true intensions are for your life. In this video Brad talks about 5 different things that are common issues that create this separation.

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Increase Your Capacity

Brad shares with the world what it takes to expand your capacity in life. When you reach your threshold of what is normal for you to handle, you have the choice to either push through and have breakthrough or stop what you are doing and limit your capacity. Everything in your life is based upon what you can handle on …

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Having courage doesn’t mean living without fear. I believe that courage doesn’t even start until fear is present. To learn more about our perspective of courage watch the quick video Brad recorded.  

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Culture of Honor Series

A culture of honor is designed to serve others. In order to create sustainable abundance the foundation must be built through a culture where everyone has the freedom to express and contribute in an honorable way. Watch Brad’s video series to get his insights on how to create a culture. Part 1- What is a culture of honor? Part 2 – …

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Get out of the box!

“You really don’t know you are in a box until they finally close the lid”.

I have spent most of my life trying to conform to a set of rules that were primarily created to give the illusion of a control that will keep you safe and comfortable…

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Intimacy Series

Brad Wolgamott dives in to his revelations of what it takes to develop true intimacy in your relationships.

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Who’s the teacher?

All of us live in a world of rules and rulings. We need most of these things to keep order in our world but I think we all know that at one the time there were only a few rules…

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Your character is defined by what consumes you. What do you do when nobody else knows what you are doing? Brad’s character video explains this concept.  

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The Identity Series: Who am I?

I am convinced that the leading problem in America lies in our personal identities. We really don’t know who we are and in a more profound sense we don’t know whose we are…

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Jackson Hole Pow Sesh

We had the amazing opportunity to take a trip of a lifetime to Jackson Hole, WY for a week of Heli Boarding and Cat Boarding in fresh fluffy champaign powder! If you have never been to Jackson Hole, I  highly recommend it! The abundant wildlife, epic views of the Teton Mountain range and great friendly culture is sure to leave …

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Relationship Series

The relationship series is packed with information on how to develop or restore relationships in your life. Part 1: Powerful Relationships The first part of the series addresses the concept of being a powerful person and having a powerful relationship. During the development of our relationship we studied a program through Bethel Church in Redding California. We completed the pre …

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You are loved

Imagine if you had been raised in a palace and all your life you had been told you were going to be the king or queen…

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