Get out of the box!

“You really don’t know you are in a box until they finally close the lid”.

I have spent most of my life trying to conform to a set of rules that were primarily created to give the illusion of a control that will keep you safe and comfortable.

When we are in the box everything feels pretty warm and safe and no real issues to deal with daily. The problem is that with this comfort also comes a bridling of your ability and creative nature. If you think about a job or even a union job you can see how it really robs you of your ambition and desire to chart your own course.

In most controlled employment environments the harder you work the more trouble you seem to cause. If you think outside the box you are taunted because your ambition is exposing there apathy. The more you do the more they try to control you! The odd thing about it is that most people seem to prefer these controlling environments because they can hide here and never have to really perform at a very high level. Before you know it the lid begins to shut on you and your greatest assets can begin to die.

Dreams, ambition, creativity, thinking for yourself, ingenuity and most leadership skills fade when the lid comes down.

Take in your surroundings

Look around yourself in all the environments that you are in and ask yourself are truly free or are you clinging to the safe confines of the box?

In order to make an extraordinary jump in life you are going to have to ignore conventional behaviors. You are going to have to do and think in way that you have never done before. Think about it, if what you knew and were doing was going to get the job done don’t you think it would have worked by now!

Our natural tendency is to turn to what we know and what we are familiar with. The problem is that you have already been down this road and your soul is craving something that allows you to freely express yourself and achieve your highest calling. We all want to do out best but then we rely on what we know and we have always done and then get the same results. This is a new era folks and the rules of the game have changed! Customizing, mobile flexible, unique and non conforming are the model of the next 10 years. Your old styles and approaches will cripple your efforts at making a massive breakthrough. You are so close and I believe have been prepared your entire life for this time right now to break out and make a radical leap in life. You must learn to try and avoid the trap of faith in the familiar. Building new habits is the key to breaking free.

Our strengths become our weaknesses if we rely on them too heavily.

If you have ever rock climbed you have probably found yourself relying too much on your hands instead of your feet and legs. Before you know it you have nothing left in your hands.

We are all familiar with using our hands to pull ourselves up and so that’s what we do. But any good rock climber will tell you its all in the legs and you have to ignore the temptation of doing what you know and embrace the new unfamiliar strength that is just waiting to be used. This change will bring about an awareness that you never new existed and new tools begin to show up in your life. “if your only tool is a hammer, you approach every problem like it is a nail”. Being aware of the box is the first step. Please take a look around and ask yourself if you are being encouraged to be creative and instinctive or to just “follow” or just “do your job”? Our authorities can cloak this with being nice and friendly but you have to understand that if you keep doing the same thing you will keep having the same thing. We are in an era where everything is reinventing…

If you want change then be the change! The world needs you to start thinking and creating!

The safe, comfortable confines of the box are actually a trap and eventually the lid will close. Either you will lose hope or control. Its funny how the box feels good with the lid off. We can still look up and have the illusion of being free because we can still see out. But, when they close the lid all of that goes away and now its too late to get out and do something about it. Is the “frog boiling”? Many of you have heard the story about the frog in a pan of cold water that could have easily jumped out but as the water was getting hotter and hotter the frog did not make the jump because the change was so subtle day by day that it didn’t even notice it. The water eventually boils on the stove and the frog dies, all along it could have jumped out and changed its destiny. Are you in a “pan” I bet you are and don’t even know it!

Just look around and see what you are comparing yourself too.

Is it all a bunch of people in the same hot water, is that your standard?

Well then please jump out and embrace change and harness your God given creative abilities. We have plenty of followers, be a leader and lead change by being change.

Break free by thinking freely!!