Why Wait? And what I learned from a Whale Pooping on Me

Why wait for an adventure…


Sometimes people spend years at their jobs or at home dreaming about the perfect vacations and wishing that they could experience the finer things in life.  There is a misconception in life that you must be perfectly prepared for everything before you travel. The truth is, you just need to go. Don’t hesitate, don’t bank your vacation for next year, don’t take a vacation pay out! Enjoy your time now!

Watch this video.

This is a great example of a time we were blessed with a trip of a lifetime and created memories to last a lifetime without over planning or over complicating. We wented to go boating in a area called the broken group off the coast of Vancouver Island.

We didn’t have a big boat… but we had a boat that floated!

It was 17′ long and didn’t have navigation. I don’t recommend this for safety reasons but that is not my point! We found beach to camp on, planned to catch fish and hoped to experience the beautiful wild west coast.  We got more than we bargained for!

While we were floating in the open ocean, two grey whales come up to our boat and would not stop playing around with us for at least 30 minutes. This IS NOT normal. Our boat was turned off and we were looking around for whales. All the sudden I looked down and yelled “we’re going to hit a rock!!!” we were in the middle of the ocean so my brother and Brad were quite certain we weren’t going to hit a rock. We soon realized that my rock was actually a whale.

I’ll let you watch the rest…