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Relationship Series

The relationship series is packed with information on how to develop or restore relationships in your life.

Part 1: Powerful Relationships

The first part of the series addresses the concept of being a powerful person and having a powerful relationship. During the development of our relationship we studied a program through Bethel Church in Redding California. We completed the pre marital program called defining your relationship and now we continue to study the Keep Your Love On (KYLO) program. This series shares many of the breakthroughs we have experienced through this journey.

Part 2: Connection or Disconnection

When there is turmoil in a relationship you have the choice to either grow closer and focus on protecting your connection or chose to disconnect from the relationship. Many people by habit choose disconnection by doing things like “silent treatment.” This disconnection cycle must be broken in order to grow deeper in your connection and allow your relationship to grow deeper through conflict. Watch this video for a few tips on how to grow closer and focus on connection.

Part 3: Fear vs Love

There is a constant battle in our lives that competes between fear and love. The winner of the battle is the one that you focus on. If you focus on fear, you will be consumed by it. However, if you focus on love, love will become a dominant force in your life. The next part of this series talks about what to do when you feel fear creeping into your life and how to refocus your energy towards love and honor.

Part 4: 5 Keys

The primary reactions in a difficult situations are either fight, flight or freeze! Unfortunately all these reactions lead towards disconnection. With the goal of connection we must respond instead of react. The next video gives 5 keys to maintain the goal of connection.