United Kingdom

We took a few weeks to hop across the pond and check of 6 more countries from our adventure list. We first landed in England. It was only a week after a terrorist attack so everybody was a little nervous to travel there but I was very pleasantly surprised by the city. London was a very beautiful city with loads of history and many things to see. We stayed in the city for a few days to check out the main attractions and then continue towards the Stone Henge. We were there for the summer solstice so there was a lot of action at the Stone Henge. It was very intriguing to learn about all the theories of how they were created. From there we headed to Liverpool to see the home of the Beatles. We had a beer and the pub they first played at and then continued to Wales. The Wales countryside was beautiful and scattered with many sheep. We didn’t spend much time there but we did catch a cruise from there to Dublin, Ireland.

The streets of Dublin were full of action. Grown men linking arms and singing at the top of their lungs. It is not abnormal to see bars packed with people of every age joining arms and singing the night away together. It is clear that the Irish are very happy people… or they just have much better beer than anyone else. I’ll leave that to you to figure out for yourself.

We drove up to Belfast in Northern Ireland. It was another nice city filled with old architecture. We learned a bit about the history of Ireland and how it separated into two different countries. There Ireland and Northern Ireland. Apparently they do not like being called the same!

There is another cruise that goes from Belfast to a small town in Scotland. We crossed over into scotland and drove up to the Gleneagles Hotel. It was a beautiful
hotel in the country on a golf course. Our experience at Gleneagles was great. We took  two horseback riding lessons. Learned to shoot keet. Did a round of golf on the course. The courses at Gleneagles have hosted many tournaments over the years and has most recently hosted the Ryder Cup in 2014. This was a beautiful setting. It felt like we were staying in a castle among the Scotland countryside. After spending a few nights at Gleneagles we continued into Edinburgh and stayed there for another couple nights. It was the most breathtaking city I have ever seen. Everywhere you looked was picture perfect! I believe everybody needs to visit this city. I don’t want to post a picture because I want you to be as blown away as we were. Just imagine every picture perfect old city puzzle you have assembled.

Before we flew out of Scotland we hopped in the car and adventured around the country. We went to the land of the Lochness Monster… a sister monster to the Ogopogo. It was a beautiful drive along the inland lakes and then we went west towards the inlets and stepped into the land of Harry Potter.
On the road to the Isle of Skye we saw an mazing Castle that sat all by itself on a little island with the cutest stone bridge connecting it. I couldn’t snap enough pictures of it.
It was sooo brilliant. Not to mention the gorgeous sunset on the Isle of Skye. This was a beautiful stop on a very cute little island about 4 hours north of Glasgow. The winding road through the Scotland highlands, along the Loch’s and through the fields sheep was definitely worth the detour. We tend to travel into the evenings and this helped us avoid the traffic. There can be narrow roads so it’s better to not drive when everyone else is. 🙂

We wrapped up this trip by driving south the Glasgow and flying to Iceland. We booked our trip through Iceland air. This airline allows you to layover in Iceland for up to a week at no additional cost so we extended our trip to include Iceland since it’s been such a major topic with travel bloggers lately. We thought we would get a feel for the country for ourselves. It was so spectacular that it deserve a separate post! Stay tuned for more details from our Iceland trip!