Who’s the teacher?

All of us live in a world of rules and rulings.

We need most of these things to keep order in our world but I think we all know that at one the time there were only a few rules.

Love God and do unto others as you would have do unto you!

Since these rules have not been honored man has stepped in for thousands of years in an attempt to control people. Most of these rules have been good for us but unfortunately man doesn’t stop until they feel like they have complete control over everything. The reality is that the more you try to control or think that you actually do have control, the less you really have. I really believe if we would learn to embrace the quote “let go and let God” instead of trying to take control and play God, we would be a lot better off.

The fear of failure

As time has rolled along for all of us these rules tend to build into us a sense of fear of failure. How do you feel when you drive by that police officer or look in your rear view mirror and a few hundred yards back you see the blue lights? Aren’t they public servants? Well then why do we feel that way when we see them? It is because they can cause us grief at any particular time that often times seem unwarranted or unfair. The fear of judgment or failure can truly hamstring our lives and erode our happiness if we allow it to.

I would like to encourage you to seek failure!

I don’t mean to hurt people or break laws on purpose. I am referring to learning to test your limits and learn from every experience. We celebrate on the mountaintops and learn in the valleys. Get busy living and embrace the lessons we gain from failure. If you don’t get busy living you might find yourself consumed by trying to survive. There is magic in our mistakes. It humbles us and teaches us at the same time. We develop deep compassion and empathy for people. The past 90 days have been the most painful season of my life but it has also been the most humbling, educational, galvanizing and self realization era of my life thus far. I truly have had everything ripped from me and I am left here naked with God, my children and a handful of incredible friends. Nothing but my heart and faith. This rebuilding stage I am going through will someday be remembered as the greatest season of my life because it will mark the transformation of my soul.

So who is the teacher?

Well, I say life and our failures are the greatest teachers of all. Nothing happens if we don’t work to move forward. Most failures wont be as devastating as a divorce, they will simply be an opportunity to exercise humility and learn some valuable lessons. Take some chances and test your limits. Push yourself on your board or skis. Learn a new language and practice with people who will point out your mistakes. Exercise to a point of failure so you rebuild a stronger and healthier life. Mistakes and failure are good for you! They help identify what to do and what not to do. I know for a fact that I am going to be a better teacher because of my failures, lessons and corrections than I ever could have been if it were not for my personal experiences.

The world teaches us to fear failure. I don’t want you to fear anything!

You should respect all things but fear nothing!

Push yourself, set an outrageous goal and go for it. You might just be surprised how far you can go if you don’t set limits on yourself.