Why settle for less than great?

Do you wake up excited for your day or do you find yourself stuck it a routine?

A routine cushioned with “security”… security that you will wake up every Monday and have a job to go to that will ensure you will get a paycheck week after week.

Do you need a routine in your life to feel secure or does it feel more like a RUT-ine?

Is your paycheck a paycheck or a play-check?

Do you get to use the hard earned money to enjoy life, or do you use it to pay for the house you don’t get to spend time in and the car you use to drive to work? Are you settling for a life that is “good enough?”

The enemy of excellence is good enough.

If you allow your mind to accept good enough, you will never strive for more. When you sacrifice a life of excellence in order to keep your security blanket on, you will never be able to experience what the life you dream of feels like.

Make the switch! Know that you are worthy of living the life of your dreams.

A life of excellence is yours for the taking. Make the decision to do what it takes. Do not allow obstacles to get in the way. When you believe in yourself, you realize that no obstacles is too big to separate you from your dreams.

Image Credit: JimCollins.com