Write it down

A life worth living is a life worth recording!

One of the most impact full things I have done over the past few years is to journal about my life. I was at first quite intimidated to start writing because of my dyslexia and the fact that I barely got out of high school. But I soon realized that the key is to express my thoughts for empowerment not to impress others. As soon as I made the switch from impress to empower I was able to freely express my thoughts and feelings.

I really want to encourage you to start a daily ritual of writing in a journal and/or blogging.

First of all it’s a great release!

Being able to get some things off your chest is a true blessing for those of you that run very hard in life. I have also been inspired to put my thoughts on paper so my kids could someday read them and get some answers to their own lives. I also have found great hope by going back and reading my old journals and realizing how far I have come!

Sometimes we don’t know if we are really improving, but by writing things down you can then look back and clearly see how far you have come and how much you have learned from your experiences. Learning to be generous with your time, talent and testimony are keys to living a servant leadership life. By writing your thoughts you will be able to inspire and educate so many more lives.I would like to share with you a couple of thoughts on what I call “power journaling”.

What to write down

First of all I would suggest you to write down whatever is on your mind. They could be thoughts, feelings, events, fears, challenges, insights or anything you have experienced. The keys are to record your life, become more in touch with your life and to eventually add value to others. There is no medicine for the soul like helping others. By writing these things down I have found it much easier to manage them in my mind and then visualize the new future that I want to build. As you learn to see your future before it happens you will then harness the power of the spoken word.

Learning how to daily speak into existence the life that you want to live is one of the most life changing decisions we can make . Gods word says that the power of life and death are in the tongue. Our body automatically goes to work in making our thoughts and words come to life.As we write it then see it and speak about our lives it becomes virtually impossible to resist taking action and creating daily habits that bring them all to life. You will soon begin to move quickly in the direction of these powerful thoughts and words. The next challenge you should take on is how to measure your results.

Best advice I can give you

The best advice I can give you with respect to this is try and focus your measurements to the efforts of your heart as compared to the results of your hand. If you continue to sew goodness into the universe there is no way you will fail. Measuring the efforts of your heart keeps your humility and patience in the healthiest proportions.

Lastly I want to really encourage you to celebrate every gift of your heart and effort of your hand. You are doing a great thing! Please take the time to celebrate and praise your efforts. Claim your new future and know that you are presently building your testimony that will inspire people forever.

Write it down and listen to the gentle whisper in your ear.

“You are loved, you are worthy and we need you” God is speaking to you all day long!