You are loved

Imagine this…

Imagine if you had been raised in a palace and all your life you had been told you were going to be the king or queen. Imagine if your father was the king and you lived every day in his presence and all you knew was that you were royalty and that every resource was available for you to turn your dreams into a reality. Imagine if your father, the king, had been a compassionate man who had the heart of a servant and made every decision based on his unyielding love for his people. If this were the case do you think you would look at life differently than you do now? Well if that is true then you have an identity issue and we are going to go to work to reinvent how you think. We are going to explore the truth about who you are and what the promise over your life is.

The truth is that you are so loved that He has been willing to do everything to create a one to one relationship with you!

I, probably like you, was raised as a pauper.

I had no idea that my father in heaven loved me and that he was with me throughout every event of my life. I had to learn that I was significant first. I realized that I couldn’t help others feel valued until I knew that I was valuable. Out of our abundance we are able to pour into others. As I realized the unmerited favor in my life as a result of who my King/Daddy was I became able to be less consumed with my own significance and more focused on raising up the people around me. I learned to treat people not as they appear but as my Father sees them.

It has become my calling to help people around me feel empowered not controlled. To be free to pursue the significance of their lives not the slaves of a system that works to keep them in fear and bondage. God is love, therefore anything that that creates fear or doubt is not of him. I want to speak to the treasures that lie within all of us not focus on the lies our outward lives may have manifested. You are royalty and there is abundance in your life!! Gods grace is greater than your sin! In the past my experience with religion had emasculated me in the name of humility but with the revelation of our fathers true grace I felt humbled without feeling like a failure and then it lifted me to a place of great confidence without inflating me into arrogance. A quiet calm came over me as I pursued his presence over my obedience. My outward life quickly became a simple expression of the internal intimacy I felt with my King.

Finding peace…

My friends, I truly want you all to feel this peace through his presence. It’s not about rules and rights and wrongs it’s about His unyielding love and deep desire for you to know Him. Thank you for being my friends and taking the time to read this simple message. You are loved, you are worthy and you are not alone!